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Rami is the Chief Product Officer at Abnormal Security, where he leads the company’s product vision, strategy, and execution. In his masterclass, Rami walks through the steps necessary to build a world-class product from scratch, providing time-tested principles that enable product teams to come to life. Previously, Rami held various product leadership roles at Amazon Alexa, led product marketing and sales at Swagger (acquired) and led product management at Reverb (acquired) as VP of Product. Rami also led product management and marketing at Proofpoint, from company inception to IPO, for its inbound and outbound cybersecurity products.

If you look at any of the, product oriented leaders that have done really well. th the one that comes to mind of course, is Jeff Bezos. it's a. His way of looking at things, I think, has been a big influence,for a very long time. so I would say that is one that, that I would choose.

there's also mentors I've personally had along the way that are not well known or some are well known, but would not want out when I mentioned. and, one of those mentors very early on, I think I was like 19 or something. gave me, he instilled in me this idea that your mentors don't necessarily come from your industry.

In fact, In some sense, the farther away they are from what you're doing, but they're all operating at an equal. Level of excellence that you strive to be, that actually can be extremely valuable. So I'm seek mentors, obviously in your industry, [00:01:00] but also, in people who are at the top of their game and other industries, maybe it's an, a.

Maybe they're artists or they're,they're just they're chefs or something, and there's a lot of commonality there and playing a different mental model. And of course, and you'll read about this everywhere is surround yourself with friends and peers who continue to push you.

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