About Us

Abnormal Business School is an innovative, multimedia content-based school that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit of Abnormal Security. Here, we motivate, educate, and inspire the next generation of business leaders, inside and outside of our organization. The world needs more entrepreneurs and ABS is here to make that a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of Abnormal Business School?

Abnormal Business School is an educational platform created with the goal to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of Abnormal Security. The mission is to motivate, educate, and inspire the next generation of business leaders inside and outside of Abnormal. As a group of people, we are collectively interested in entrepreneurship, leadership opportunities, and continuous learning.

What is an Abnormal Business School Fireside Chat?

ABS Fireside Chats are one-hour-long sessions where aspiring entrepreneurs can listen to founders and leaders discuss growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship. These chats are open to the public in the form of Zoom webinars. Past chats are published on the Recordings page with key takeaways, notes, and transcripts. Make sure to check out our upcoming one by heading to the Upcoming Fireside Chats page.

What is an Abnormal Business School Class?

Abnormal Business School Classes are aimed at giving viewers a more immersive learning experience by providing them structured content in a more classroom-like feel. Classes are structured to teach people with zero knowledge about the basics of a certain job. If you want to make a career change into recruiting, build a recruiting team, or learn how to sell your product more effectively- there's a class for them all! Each class is separated into 3-5 lessons (15 min each) and taught by a group of teachers at Abnormal.

What is an Abnormal Business School Q&A?

ABS is home to an abundance of knowledge held in the form of structured Q&A. These Q&A's are taught by leaders and executives at Abnormal Security, with an aim at bringing the experts in enterprise software into your living room. The topics range from how to develop a revolutionary product to the keys to success as a CEO. Check them out on the Q&A page and surround yourself with knowledge from some of the most successful leaders in tech.

What is Abnormal Security?

Abnormal Security is a Series C cybersecurity startup founded in 2018. Our cloud-based email security platform is aimed at stopping some of the most egregious cybersecurity threats. To combat the evolving threat landscape we use a fundamentally different approach to solve a problem every enterprise and startup faces. Our mission is to make the world a safer place by protecting our customers with innovative technology we have pioneered and implemented. Check out our open roles below!

What does Abnormal Business School offer?

Abnormal Business School offers unique content from real-life leaders who are experts in their fields. If your eventual goal is to become a sales representative at a SaaS company, why learn about annual recurring revenue through a teacher, when you could be receiving tangible guidance from a world-class sales leader at a thriving company? ABS provides actionable, hands-on knowledge and skills at your fingertips.

Why is Abnormal Security investing in building a business school?

Abnormal Security was founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship. We want to help others like us by providing the tools and foundation to pursue their dreams—particularly when that dream is to found their own company. We especially want to help our employees step into new leadership positions and help them achieve their goals.

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