With Abnormal Business School Classes, you can learn about a variety of topics at your pace. Want to learn how to become an Account Executive or Recruiter? There's a class for that! Each class is separated into 3-5 different lessons, and are designed to feel like you're in a classroom. Learn from Abnormal employees as they teach you the ins and outs of their role within Abnormal and the broader professional landscape.

Learn from experts working at

Every Class is taught by a group of employees working in the exact field as the subject matter they’re teaching.

The Startup Recruiting Process

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The Enterprise Software Sales Process

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Fundamentals of Product Development

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Hear what our students have to say.

Josh M.
"They say the best teachers are those who have already excelled in their craft. Abnormal Business School classes are a cheat code to getting top-notch insights and wisdom from industry leaders who are active practitioners. Really excited to stay up-to-date with all of the amazing content coming from ABS, it's a game changer!"
Hannah W.
"ABS classes give me unique insight and perspective on business topics. With world class leaders and carefully curated videos, I feel like I've learned so much about the applications of this knowledge to the real world."
Vineet A.
"The teachers provide great insight into their specific area of expertise in a clear and concise manner. I especially love that all the lessons in each class build on each other and that complex concepts and processes are made simple and digestible. I’m definitely looking forward to future classes!"

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