What are some useful resources to start thinking like a best-in-class product leader?

Rami is the Chief Product Officer at Abnormal Security, where he leads the company’s product vision, strategy, and execution. In his masterclass, Rami walks through the steps necessary to build a world-class product from scratch, providing time-tested principles that enable product teams to come to life. Previously, Rami held various product leadership roles at Amazon Alexa, led product marketing and sales at Swagger (acquired) and led product management at Reverb (acquired) as VP of Product. Rami also led product management and marketing at Proofpoint, from company inception to IPO, for its inbound and outbound cybersecurity products.

Yeah, I probably think differently about this than probably most answers to me all the product management tools, et cetera, are that's almost commodity that's, you can go look up XYZ framework there. There's really amazing courses out there by the way, like programmatic marketing, and others.

But those are the basics. seek them out, can get your company to sponsor you around those, where the variants of great leadership and great product thinking comes in, I think is, in, in going beyond the blocking and tackling and doubling down on. If you were areas, I would say communication, leadership, analytical thinking, and having that as a layer above all the basics of all the mechanics, one of the most influential books I've had, period, I think in my life it's I don't think, I doubt anyone's read it or even heard about it.

It's [00:01:00] a leadership without easy answers. by Ron Heifetz, who, is a professor at Harvard, has nothing to do with product management and technology or business, but it completely changed the way I think about, leadership without authority. And he talks about the public sector and doctors and other leaders and how the tools they use to, to drive, and mission and their vision forward.

Even though they did not exercise any authority over their audience. and it's a really, provides good insights on the mental models on how to understand group dynamics and things like that. and you could even say touches a little bit on behavioral comics, w very, a very influential book.

and of course I'm a big fan of, baseless has annual letters as well, which are very easily accessible, which are maybe closer to the product management experience.

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