What do you look for in a PM hire?

Rami is the Chief Product Officer at Abnormal Security, where he leads the company’s product vision, strategy, and execution. In his masterclass, Rami walks through the steps necessary to build a world-class product from scratch, providing time-tested principles that enable product teams to come to life. Previously, Rami held various product leadership roles at Amazon Alexa, led product marketing and sales at Swagger (acquired) and led product management at Reverb (acquired) as VP of Product. Rami also led product management and marketing at Proofpoint, from company inception to IPO, for its inbound and outbound cybersecurity products.

High level. great product execution, customer insight, understanding customer needs, et cetera. voice of the customer, product strategy, being able to drive business impact, and then influencing people. And some of the specific things, I would say, like more specific attributes to fall under these, leadership, diving deep,willingness to roll up sleeves, technical and business document curiosity.

Growth mindset. so it's basically, if you think about, this ideal individual who can operate in the technical, arena as well as the business or. And, and be the product owner you would want those types of attributes skewing on. No, one's perfect. And skewing on one versus the other might be okay.

Because again, everyone brings different disciplines. For example, you don't want everyone to have subject matter expertise, insecurity, [00:01:00] security that's not needed, but there's probably a core foundation of, of the elements I mentioned that are the minimum bar. And, ideally as a team cause we have, we operate as a team, as a team, we have the ideal profile of what the super product manager is, even though people's individual competencies might, might differ.

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