What are some effective strategies for cost regulation?

Kevin is the Chief Revenue Officer of Abnormal Security, where he leads worldwide revenue generating activities. In this class, Kevin lays out the steps required for building a best-in-class sales organization, starting from early sales hires all the way to expanding to a larger team. He brings strategic and operational experience with over 20 years of success leading global, high-performance sales teams at companies including Vectra AI and Proofpoint.

I come in typically after the founders know that there's some level of product market fit and I build the go to market motion.

And they go to market strategy. So we've identified who the ideal personas are, the ideal companies. And we're part of this process, what I call thesix P's and I can walk through that, building a go to market motion. so if you think about one of those pieces, pipeline, generation, But it's part of the whole package.

And so if the question is, one of the most effective strategies for customer action in the very early days, I just keep going back to That framework. But I do go back to in the early days, founders just, they need to [00:06:00] leverage their network and scrape, borrow, and steal, do whatever you can to talk to as many people as you can get the feedback from as many people can not only in your product, but your pitch edit, evolve, edit evolve, rinse

Kevin Moore: and repeat. Then when, you've had some success, right? And you had some best practices, you have to write down a framework around those best practices. You have to understand. And then knowing that's still going to evolve right on what's resonating the market. So for example, I believe Evan and Sanjay when they were in stealth, talk to at least a hundred, probably 200, 250 people within the gray lock network or just friends of friends and colleagues to just get a general sense of their feedback.

Matter of fact, I was one of them. A year before I joined, I had talked to Evan about the whole email market based off of my experience, with Proofpoint and he was just gathering data. And then, when gather enough data and you're starting to formulate your pitch, then it's about what's resonating, what's not accepting more of what's working, degrading more of what's not, and then rinse and repeat. And [00:07:00] that kind of helps you get that first framework. And then you get some of those early wins, then you launch the full go-to-market motion.

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