What are resources for starting to think like a best in class sales leader?

Kevin is the Chief Revenue Officer of Abnormal Security, where he leads worldwide revenue generating activities. In this class, Kevin lays out the steps required for building a best-in-class sales organization, starting from early sales hires all the way to expanding to a larger team. He brings strategic and operational experience with over 20 years of success leading global, high-performance sales teams at companies including Vectra AI and Proofpoint.

If I were thinking about kind of elementary kind of foundational type of resources, there's lots of great books out there. I think one of the earliest ones, is the new strategic sales it's, it's written by Steven Hyman and a lot of, the next generation of, consultative sailing techniques and processes actually was built from that Miller Heiman, consultative sales techniques.

Kevin Moore: But, It looks like the challenger sale by Matthew Dixon. I really fanatical prospecting by Jeb blunt because the idea again is it's breaking through. It's getting those at-bats that matters the most because you'll constantly get the, give the support once you can get that first meeting.

So how do you get that first meeting? fanatical prospecting is a good one to get there. there's one book that, probably not a lot of people know, but it talks about individual motivation. It's a company called it's a book called the go getter by Peter King. It was published after world war II.

It was just a fable of, a wartime vet who has the dream sales job of [00:44:00] a lifetime. think that was a good one. if you have any experience in a sales methodology, if you can get some experience in a sales methodology, whether that's, one great one that's out there now is force management. They use the basics of medic and med pick as a qualification process, but give you the trackability, in what's important.

Personas and identifying who, things like the personas are the economic buyer to the champion, to the influencer, et cetera. other books I like, just for personal development. I like the one thing by Gary Keller love, blitz scaling by Reed Hoffman,crossing the chasm, standard books that cross the chasm, Jeffrey Moore outliers by Gladwell.

So again, I'm all over the place here, but,I think it's just starts with, if you want foundationally learn about consultative selling and what's important, in the what's in it for me type of mentality for buyers as well as companies.

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