How do you think about bottoms-up vs top-down models and when is each most effective?

Kevin is the Chief Revenue Officer of Abnormal Security, where he leads worldwide revenue generating activities. In this class, Kevin lays out the steps required for building a best-in-class sales organization, starting from early sales hires all the way to expanding to a larger team. He brings strategic and operational experience with over 20 years of success leading global, high-performance sales teams at companies including Vectra AI and Proofpoint.

I think in the beginning, it's always a [00:21:00] tops-down model at first, what is the revenue target that you're trying to achieve within a year?

what revenue number do you want to hit? And then what is the productivity per rep then? What is the capacity to get there? based off of what you've learned in the market, your market research, et cetera, then when you have the right team on board, I think. Simultaneously or step a step one B if you will, this, to do the bottoms up.

Kevin Moore: So for that particular, account executive for the individual account executive to hit their target,you have to understand, what do you think is the average deal size is therefore how many deals do you need to close to hit that target? How long does it take you to do that within that timeframe?

How many then if you're gonna do proof of values, how many proof of values do you need then to get those proof of values? How many meetings do you need then? How many leads from marketing or any one of those five pillars of pipeline, generation? And all of this is all based off of these metrics, is something that not only document, but you track every week to ensure that, you're hitting some of those bottoms up targets, which will [00:22:00] ultimately get you to the top line, but it starts with the productivity model, starts with the capacity plan.

and then the buildup from there, with, with the bottoms up model.

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