What books and resources would you recommend for somebody who is starting their journey of building out an engineering team?

Kevin is the VP of Engineering at Abnormal Security, overseeing all aspects of growth and execution. In this class, Kevin describes the requirements for building a well-rounded and highly functional engineering team from both a technical and cultural perspective. Kevin spent time at eBay and Quantcast prior to becoming an early-stage engineer leader at TellApart, then a Director of Engineering at Twitter.

 I think I'll give a [00:34:00] sampling of different books across, I think the diversity of disciplines and responsibilities for an engineering leader.

the first one I would highly recommend is high output management by Andy Grove. This is a pretty well-known kind of cited book. It's very. Dennis, but just very rich and a lot of practical advice for the hands on actual management of the output of an engineering team. So it would highly recommend that one.

the second one I would really recommend, and this goes down to another really reports and required you're responsible, which is recruiting, building the team. there's a book named. The method for hiring, by Jeff smart and Randy street that I would also highly recommend. I think just talks the way to build a very structured, intentional and purposeful recruiting process that I think is really great.

on the topic of coaching, right? Again, it's our jobs to mentor the team and skills development. I've really enjoyed reading trillion dollar coach, Which is a book by bill Campbell written by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, and a couple other people as well. And, just talks about this,really famous coach, in, in the valley bill Campbell.

Kevin W: And I think as a really good inspiration for [00:35:00] what we should be trying to do for our teams. and then the last one I really enjoyed this is, a couple of years old now as a book named tribal leadership. just about. What are the different, behaviors and attributes of high functioning teams, and then what we can do to promote and elevate our own teams over time, knowing that the strategies change as your team evolves and starts excelling over time, too.

So again, as leaders, it's always our job, right? Make sure teams are becoming more effective over time as well. that's at least four books just from the right disciplines that you have to be thinking about as an engineer.

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