How can you craft an effective first meeting pitch?

Kevin Moore, Chief Revenue Officer at Abnormal Security, gives his masterclass on how to get your first customers and how to sell enterprise software at a startup. He covers everything from how to find the right person to contact within an account to how to convince companies to work with startups. Kevin is the Chief Revenue Officer of Abnormal Security, where he leads worldwide revenue generating activities. He brings strategic and operational experience with over 20 years of success leading global, high-performance sales teams at companies including Vectra AI and Proofpoint.

Kevin Moore: That also starts early the, in the founding of the company, but, I think a good framework tends to be, Hey, what problem are you solving? For an organization, there should be enough market. You should have enough count account research where you can personalize some of this, what problem are you solving?

Kevin Moore: What effect, where you roll your solution have in solving that problem for that particular. And then what benefits will that organization get from leveraging your solution? And if there's any credible examples that you can have from, early stage,design partners or, early stage customers where you can give an example of how you maximize ROI, here at Abnormal Security where, we're saving companies, millions of dollars from being wired to the adversary because, somebody within accounts payable has fallen victim to a business email attack.

So if I can use a credible example of maybe something that we detected and be the communication, amongst the, the target and the adversary, entire real ROI around that, then that really, creates a bigger [00:24:00] impact, in desire to want to either potentially, test your solution or ultimately buy the solution.

and then I've always felt that, Particularly, economic buyers tend to hear a lot of different pitches, right? So the reality is there's going to be some level of discounting, particularly if they've heard it before, you're in a fairly kind of a mature market. So you've got to give them the ability to test your product in their environment.

And I think,the easier, and non-intrusive this, these proof of concepts can be these proof of values can be the better. And then that also allows for you to have real customized use cases for them to ultimately, sign with you and, pay money for your solution. so it really just starts with, what business problem are you solving?

Kevin Moore: What ha what does that impact or that business problem, give them incredible use cases that you in fact, do solve that problem, and then try to prove it to them and to prove the value.

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