Tommy has worked in and across a wide array of technology areas for the last 20 years. He joined Abnormal 2.5 years ago to Head the Global PreSales Engineering Team and help fight an ever growing problem; email security. Tommy’s experience with email and the challenges that have come along with it however date back over 20 years, where while still in high school, he was already helping Prudential California Realty deploy Microsoft Exchange v5.0! Having an interest in technology from a young age, and already being well paid, he dropped out of College to pursue technology certifications from Microsoft, Novell and Cisco. He started taking courses at New Horizon Computer Training Center, with over 300 locations in 72 countries. Note was taken of a young talent and before long, Tommy was hired as a Systems Administrator to help build/run systems and networks for New Horizons. It was there he also came into his knack for teaching and love for open source software. Before long, he was training some of the worlds largest companies’ IT Teams on a number of different technologies including Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise.

He then moved onto a small MSP/Partner which specialized in delivering enterprise class remote infrastructure services, where he helped build out systems and infrastructure for clients such as Qualcomm, SAIC, Petco and more. This company was acquired, where he then helped build out the world’s first multi-tenant hosted Exchange solution in conjunction with Microsoft. He then ventured away from the email realm for a startup opportunity, Riverbed Technology, where he held a number of roles in helping F500 companies deploy WAN optimization/acceleration technologies. After a successful IPO, winning employee of the year, several acquisitions, navigating through a number of thought and people leadership roles, and finally being bought by a Private Equity firm, it was time to move on. During his time with Riverbed, he had moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area where his love for Open Source Software would offer him the opportunity to build and lead a Team of Solution Architects for NGINX. Over an 18 month period, Tommy built a Team of Solution Architects who helped companies modernize and secure their application stacks into the cloud, breaking down monolithic applications into Microservices and helping companies mature their DevOps and DevSecOps Teams. The enterprise version of NGINX was then acquired by F5 where Tommy helped lead enablement efforts for the global field sales teams on how the technologies were “better together”. After his departure from F5, and in the middle of the pandemic, Tommy took a few months off to recharge and figure out what would be next. When the opportunity to return to a startup, going back to his roots of email, a chance to work with AI, AND stop Cybercriminals presented itself in the form of Abnormal Security, it was a perfect match.

New to the world of cyber security, Vinny was brought into Abnormal back in early 2022 facing a new career and a brand new role to the company. With this role he jumped at the fresh experience where he works alongside the POV team and carved out a quality assurance process for POV. Doing so he learned to be adaptive and has collaborated with other teams in being proactive in detecting issues that arise in the customer features, creating projects that help with process improvements, and delivering POV materials to the SE team. After being promoted to Senior Cyber Technology Specialist earlier in 2023, Vinny gets to double down with developing strategic initiatives for quality improvement, uncovering patterns and trends around the types of attacks customers face in their email, and discovering ways to identify bugs in the process ahead of time so that the customer and Sales Engineers experience is a great as possible. Vinny hosts the 17 Questions information segment where he is able to speak and learn from Abnormal’s awesome leadership and talent and share with others.

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