Christine Librojo is the Sr. Manager of Marketing Automation at Abnormal Security, where she oversees campaign support for the global marketing team. A large part of her focus is ensuring the integrity of the data passing from marketing to sales and ensuring the health of our database through de-duplication, data enrichment, and lead-to-account matching.

Christine was named a MarTech Pulse Marketing Operations Warrior, one of Digital Megaphone’s Top Women in Digital Marketing, and one of Chicago Inno’s Top 50 on Fire in Marketing. She lives in Northwest Indiana with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.

New to the world of cyber security, Vinny was brought into Abnormal back in early 2022 facing a new career and a brand new role to the company. With this role he jumped at the fresh experience where he works alongside the POV team and carved out a quality assurance process for POV. Doing so he learned to be adaptive and has collaborated with other teams in being proactive in detecting issues that arise in the customer features, creating projects that help with process improvements, and delivering POV materials to the SE team. After being promoted to Senior Cyber Technology Specialist earlier in 2023, Vinny gets to double down with developing strategic initiatives for quality improvement, uncovering patterns and trends around the types of attacks customers face in their email, and discovering ways to identify bugs in the process ahead of time so that the customer and Sales Engineers experience is a great as possible. Vinny hosts the 17 Questions information segment where he is able to speak and learn from Abnormal’s awesome leadership and talent and share with others.

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